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Do I need to file income taxes this year?
Federal Income Taxes

Virgina Income Taxes

How long does it take to receive my refund?
Paper file- Generally your refund check should be issued within six to eight weeks of filing.
E-File- Generally your refund check taxes ½ the time to process when e-filed, so it should be issued within three to four weeks of filing.
* Choosing to have your return directly deposited will speed up this process.
**Check the status of your refund.

What records should I keep throughout the year?

  • Sources of income. You may receive money or property from a variety of sources. These records will show the source of income needed to separate business from nonbusiness income and taxable from nontaxable income.
  • Keep track of expenses. Record your expenses as they occur to ensure you will not forget any. You can use your records to identify deductible expenses, as well, they will help you if you need an itemized list.
  • Keep track of the basis of property. You need to keep records that show the basis of your property. This includes the original cost or other basis of the property and any improvements you made.

Why should I keep records?

  • Records for tax preparation. You need records to prepare your tax return. Good organized records helps tax preparation so your return can be filed quickly and accurately.
  • Keep supporting documents. You must keep records in case the IRS has a question about an item on your return. Keeping good records will expedite the process calculating the correct tax if your return is ever questioned by the IRS. If you do not have the proper documents to support your tax return, additional tax may be charged plus penalties.

How long should I keep my records?

See IRS guidelines "How long should I keep records?"